Disposable static mixer / Nordson

Our disposable static mixers are compatible with cartridge systems and with all injection and dosing machines such as DOPAG, Liquid Control....

 For more details on our mixers and references, please consult the mixer e-shop page.

We can also supply the aluminum rings used to attach the static mixers / cannulas to the mixing head adaptable to our dosing machine as well as dopag machine, an ring and an luer lock:

  • - 165-36N
  • - 165-37N
  • - 165-38N
  • - 165-40N
  • - 160SLV
  • - 160HUB

 We can also a separating nose for calibration of the mixing head and a cap for the nose plug 2 holes:

  • - 165-RC-01
  • - 165-CAP-01

You have some needs, you want to have disposable static mixers or cannulas in stock for your maintenance. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone +33(0)4 78 6714 14 or by email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.