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RTM Injection Machine


Our injection tank is a machine allowing RTM injection (Resin transfer moulding), Infusion, VARTM (Vacuum assisted resin transfer molding) and CAPRI – Controlled Atmospheric Pressure Resin Infusion of a one-component resin or a mixture in a mould.

With our tanks / batches, we have experience with the following resins:

  • HEXCEL : HexFLow® RTM 6, HexFLow® RTM230ST, HexFLow® RTM 250ST, HexFLow® RTM 6-2, HiFLow® HF610 FS, HiFLow® 1078-1
  • SOLVAY CYTEC : PRISM EP 2400, PRISM EP 2410 and PR 520

Allowing stirring, heating and degassing of the resin prior to its implementation, it also offers a high level of control of the measured and recorded values.Moreover, if you need a large injection pressure, this injection tank can be coupled to an injector piston.

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Injection tank
Injection tank
Injection tank


  • Tank volume 1L to 50L
  • Resins processed : EPOXY / BMI
  • Working temperature up to 150°C
  • RTM / Infusion /CAPRI / VaRTM  compatible
  • Power supply 230V / 400V
  • Max injection pressure : 3 bars / 10 bars
  • Monitoring : Schneider Citect / SQL
  • Automatic up/down system for tank’s lid


  • Vacuum regulation (tank, mould ..)
  • Vacuum regulation tank & mould – CAPRI- Controlled Atmospheric Pressure Resin Infusion
  • Pressure up to : 25 bars
  • Working temperature up to 300°C
  • Use custome pail or direct loading in the tank
  • Possibility to manage automatically the filling
  • Automatic up/down system for tank’s lid
  • Editing recipes
  • Change of unity
  • Languages other than English or French.
  • Additional heating hoses
  • Pinch valve out of mould
  • Extension of thermo-couples number
  • Second vacuum pump

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