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You want spare parts for your mixing head. With our wide range of O-rings, V-rings, Manifold mix nose, Isojet has the solutions to all your problems.
We can provide you O-rings or V-rings. You have to give us the reference of your machine then you can order them :
  • or per unit
  • either per KIT of O-rings or V-rings
  • or per complete KIT with a combination of O-rings and V-rings
We can also supply your mixing nose, you just have to tell us which reference you want:
  • 400 M 160 A
  • 400 M 160 J

You have some needs, you want to have rings / seals or nose in stock for your maintenance? Do not hesitate to contact us below.

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Our experts are at your disposal and will contact you as soon as possible.

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