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ISOJET Equipment machines can be used in many circumstances and for multiple applications. Check them out below.

Injection Machine by Piston
RTM Injection Machine


RTM Injection / infusion (OOA)

Injection molding (RTM) or low pressure molding involves injecting a liquid resin (LRI or Infusion resin), charged or not, into the closed cavity of a mold and a counter-mold previously filled with dry reinforcements.

Infusion molding (Vacuum Process OOA – Out of autoclave) is a modern process for the manufacture of composite materials.
Infusion moldnig involves vacuum injection of a low viscosity resin into a stack of fabrics (glass, carbon..) . The assembly is placed under vacuum by a flexible membrane in a mold. The vacuum is used to compact the fabrics and control the process. The resin is then introduced by suction of the vacuum and migrates through the laminate until the part is completely impregnated.

Isojet equipements offers RTM and infusion injection machines for resins like :

  • HEXCEL : HexFLow® RTM 6, HexFLow® RTM230ST, HexFLow® RTM 250ST, HexFLow® RTM 6-2,HiFLow® HF610 FS – HiFLow® 1078-1,
  • SOLVAY- CYTEC : PRISM EP 2400, PRISM EP 2410 and PR 520
  • SICOMIN : green Epoxy
Potting Machine


Potting / Encapsulating

Electronic Encapsulation or Potting is a coating process that protects a component, an electronic card or an electronic assembly against shocks and vibrations, but also against environmental stresses (thermal shocks, moisture, chemical aggressions, salt spray, …).
The most widely used materials are polyurethanes, epoxy and / or silicones.

Our machines use products / resins from: AXSON (SIKA), VON ROLL (Damival), WEVO- chemie GmbH, RESOLTECH.

Isojet Equipements offers injection and dosing machines with static mixer for encapsulation / potting.


Bonding / Sealing

The important progress made in the field of adhesives (generic term for adhesives, sealants and coating) allows the assembly of almost all materials. The bonding technique has been used for several years in the manufacture of motor vehicles, railway vehicles, aeronautics and many other industries.
Bonding is a highly technical field.

In order to obtain a perfect final result and to deposate an accurate glue quantity, a mixing and injection machine seems to be important to process high viscosity products – two components (base and hardener): A and B.
Isojet Equipements offers mixing and injection machines with static mixer for Bonding and Sealing. Machines for the application of mono and bi-component adhesives or silicones: HENKEL, SIKA, KOMMERLING, CHEMETALL, WACKER, etc.

Bonding and sealing Machine
DPE ECO - Molding


Molding / Casting

The casting or molding process is a duplicating technique used to make limited series of functional parts, because it allows the accurate reproduction of your pieces using a open silicone mold or open light metal alloy mold.

The materials used are polyurethanes, silicones …. For a repeatability and homogeneous production a une mixing and dosing machine is essential especially when the components have a short pot life.

Isojet equipements offers mixing and dosing machines with static mixer for casting and molding for 1K or 2K resins from: SIKA, ELANTAS, EBALTA, SICOMIN, RESOLTECH, WACKER chemie, WEVO – chemie GmbH


RIM injection

Injection molding molding (RIM) is a molding process for making plastic parts. This process consists in injecting into a closed mold a mixture of two liquid components, polyol (base) and isocyanate (hardener) which, by reacting with each other, gives a polymer / resin..

Since the mixture is liquid at injection time, it’s casted low pressure with an injection or mixing machine, in molds and on presses.

Isojet Equipments offers dosing and mixing machines with static mixer for RIM injection.


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