2K machine for electronic encapsulation

You need a machine for electronic encapsulation or potting ? We have the solution for you adapted to all resins from SIKA, ELANTAS Europe, VON ROLL, WEVO-chemie GmbH, WACKER, Resoltech,...... For more details go to the followng links : https://youtu.be/JsL78PE4wLs...En savoir +

Speeding RTM with heat-flux sensors - Clean Sky 2 INNOTOOL 4.0

Very interesting article of Ginger Gardiner CompositesWorld on "Speeding RTM with heat-flux sensors ". A Clean Sky 2 Call for Partners was issued in 2018 and was awarded to the INNOTOOL 4.0 consortium, comprising of different equipment supplier as ISOJET Equipements (Corbas, France) who provides resin injection machine. #cleansky #workinprogress #composites4_0 #isojet #RTM #composite For more details go to the followng links : https://www.compositesworld.com/articles/speeding-rtm-with-heat-flux-sensors...En savoir +

The manufacture of composite part by Fidamc

Many thanks to FIDAMC - Fundación para la Investigación, Desarrollo y Aplicación de Materiales Compuestos for their trust .. Very nice piece made with our equipment. For more details go to the followng links : http://fidamc.es/news/new-detail/Article/335...En savoir +

The manufacture of composite by the infusion process"

Many thanks to the Aerospace Cluster Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes for the organisation of the Virtual Aerospace Show and to all ours participants for their great interest to our presentation on "The manufacture of composite by the infusion process" during tlast week. More questions or you missed our presentation ? Do not hesitate to contact us. #isojet #aerospace #composites #auvergnerhonealpes #infusion #RTM #injection...En savoir +

Manufacturing climbing holds with isojet Equipment

Isojet Equipements well known in aeronautic, automotive or electronic markets also supply dosing and injection machine in Sport market like climbing holds manufacturers. On the following video you have the same machine we selled to volx company... ...for more information on lcimbing holds, you can visit VOLX CLIMBNG web site: https://volxholds.com/en ...En savoir +


In the current situation, we know that we have to adapt to the market, ISOJET EQUIPEMENT is well known for manufacturing complex machines for aeronautics but also simpler machines fro automotive, electronic.. We have recently developed a "DPE ECO" machine: compact machine, easy to use, suitable for products that do not require stirring or degassing. Need more information, contact us #isojet #injectionmachine #injection...En savoir +

Jec - 12th to 14th may 2020

Isojet Equipements inform you that we will present at JEC (paris) exhibition Hall 6 booth B37 with our new machine for infusion : our EASY INFUSION MACHINE #Isojet #RTM ....En savoir +

Jec asia presentation

Isojet participated in a presentation entitled "Liquid Composite Molding Efficient Composite Solution for Primary Aircraft Structures" at Jec Asia seaoul 2010; this presentation was made by Patrice Buisson - (sales manager Hexcel Asia), during the aerospace session. ...En savoir +

UTT University of Technology of Troyes

Thank you to the University of Technology of Troyes for having trusted us for the supplies of a RTM injection machine and of a press.#Isojet #RTM ....En savoir +

video on Infusion technology

Extract of a video made by an Infusion resin supplier "Solvay" in one of our customer using our injection tank to manufacture composite part for aerospace with infusion technology. # infusionRTM #EP2400 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ND50vqewKdI...En savoir +

Paris air show 2019

Isojet through these customers is present at the International Exhibition of Aeronautics and Space organized by the SIAE, a subsidiary of the Group of French Aeronautical and Space Industries (GIFAS)....En savoir +


TECHNI-MODUL ENGINEERING, the coordinator, and ISOJET EQUIPEMENTS will look to develop advanced tooling and injection system for composite manufacturing. for INNOTOOL 4.0 ...En savoir +

EU project : "INNOTOOL 4.0 "

EU project : "INNOvative RTM TOOLing FOR CFRP primary structural parts" ISOJET Equipment has been selected for the INNOTOOL 4.0 project. ...En savoir +

Infusion technology and ISOJET' MACHINE

Video on our equipments used for infusion technology as for example MC 21 (extract of russian TV) and Fraunhöfer . #isojet #infusion ...En savoir +

customer machine Installation - Luxembourg

Installation of an RTM injection & infusion machine in one of our customer ... Machine with a preparation tank and an injection Piston #RTMinjection #compositeinfusion...En savoir +

JEC 2019

#jecworld is finished...Isojet would like to thanks all the customers and prospects who came to our booth to discover our RTM injection machine equipped with hashtag#augmentedreality developped with hashtag#schneider...En savoir +

JEC 2019 - 12 to 14 march

All the team will be will be delighted to welcome you to the JEC from March 12th to 14th, 2019 on our booth E 43 HALL 6....En savoir +


Please find an extrait of a video done by RMC découverte on one of our customer "ratier-Figeac " leader supplier of propeller systems for turboprop powered aircraft in the world ". For the manufacturing of theirs blades, this company can used our preparation tank or / and our injection pistons. ...En savoir +


ISOJET participated to the EU project, PUL-AERO, which has developed a pultrusion line for the production of linear and curved composite stringers for the aerospace industry. For more information on article of composite Word , click on the Following Link : EU project PUL-AERO - ISOJET ...En savoir +

Aerocomposit- ISOJET - article COMPOSITE WORLD

For more information on article of composite Word , click on the Following Link : aerocomposit- ISOJET injection RTM & infusion tank AeroComposit worked with a variety of experts worldwide to develop the structural design and the materials, as well as a repeatable process to achieve the requisite precision and quality. These included resin, fiber and prepreg suppliers Hexcel (Stamford, Conn.) and Cytec (Woodland Park, N.J.); ...En savoir +


For more information on article of composite Word dated on 1th July 2018, click on the Following Link : IAI - ISOJET injection RTM & infusion tank Part of article …. ...En savoir +

JEC 2018 -

Isojet would like to thank you for your visit at our booth Hall 6 N° E71...En savoir +


Isojet will be present at CAMX with composite alliance (CAC) - DALLAS - from 11 to 14 DECEMBER 2017 - If you need information about our injection and dosing machines, do not hesitate to visit us. ...En savoir +

JEC 2018 : 6-8 March 2018

Isojet informs you that it will be present at the JEC World 2018 in Paris-Villepinte which will take place from 6 to 8 March. Do not hesitate to visit at our booth .... JEC World in Paris is the only trade show that unites the global composite industry ...En savoir +

Customer reception - injection unit injection - oct 2017

Customer reception of an injection unit in october 2017 for a USA Customer. DPE indus machine coupled to a preparation tank to process many formulations and having maximum flexibilty...En savoir +

JEC World 2017

JEC World is the largest international gathering of composites professionals and covers the whole composites value chain from raw material to processors and final products. ...En savoir +